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Businesses are using the Internet to find commercial work trucks. Many commercial dealerships think just having a website is enough, but they are wrong. Commercial buyers have certain expectations of a commercial website and if not met, well there are always other dealership's website just a few keystrokes away. We have spent years defining and refining our commercial website products. We know what commercial buyers expect and how to meet those expectations.

We have been providing website solutions for commercial truck dealerships since 2006. When we first started working with commercial dealerships we were installing our car based Internet inventory system, which worked great for car dealerships, but as we were to find out, not so great for commercial truck dealerships. We knew that it was great at describing pickups, cargo vans, and chassis cabs, but when it came to describing the most important product of the commercial dealerships, upfit specialty trucks, it was totally inadequate. It just couldn't adequately describe a specialty trucks, e.g. dump trucks, box trucks, service trucks, crane trucks, ... This was not good if that was what the commercial buyer was needing.

It was quickly decided that if we were going to excel in this market we were going to have to rewrite our inventory system, and we did. Our inventory is now called White Truck inventory and is dedicated to commercial truck inventories. It can now describe an upfit truck as easily as it can a pickup. It can offer detailed information about the the upfit body (e.g. body manufacturer, model, size, options, ...) which is often what the commercial buyer is wanting and needing. We also offer search based on truck type, as well as truck model. When a commercial buyer is looking for a dump truck, they want to quickly find the dump trucks and the information describing that dump truck. If you give commercial buyers what they want, they tend to stay longer on your website and have more faith in you as a commercial dealership!

Sometimes when fixing a problem you uncover new problems, and indeed we did. We soon learned that some commercial dealerships had few if any upfit trucks. It is exceedingly difficult to build credibility for a commercial dealership if their entire commercial inventory is comprised of pickups, cargo vans and a few chassis cabs. We understand the dilemma, upfitting a truck is a gamble and it can go south real quick if you pick the wrong one, but as my dad used to say "if you don't bait the hook, you can't catch any fish". I am not comparing commercial buyers to fish, but the saying is nonetheless accurate, if you don't show the commercial buyer a semblance of a real commercial inventory with upfit trucks, why would they contact you about their upfit truck needs? We had to address this issue and we did. We now offer Inventory Partnering. Inventory Partnering gives you the ability to partner with a body company, or another dealership, to show their upfits in your inventory. Please note, these trucks are labeled in the inventory as "Off Site, but Available". Inventory Partnering has become one of our most popular and effective options for our dealerships.
We offer many feature that directly benefit the commercial truck dealership through lead generation, here are but a few:


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