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  VehiclesToGo: Benefits

Vehicles To Go

Helping You Take Back Your Home Town Business!

Benefits for the Community

- Readers will have access to thousands of available vehicles/equipment, through the newspaper's website, day one.
- Advertiser's vehicles/equipment will be viewable throughout the entire coverage area, offering access to thousands of additional buyers.
- A safer solution then some national sales websites.

Benefits for the Newspaper

- Increases the value for your newspaper and website, to the community.
- Increases traffic to your newspaper's website.
- Increases the pool of possible advertisers.

Benefits for the Advertiser

- Lower cost then national websites.
- Access to a large audience of potential buyers.
- Increases traffic to their website.

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  Work Truck Pros: Benefits

Work Truck Pros

Work Truck Pros Commercial Inventory Solutions Features:
An Inventory System Built Specifically for Commercial Trucks
Supports Multiple Truck Categories Per Truck
Commercial Truck Finder Form
"Specials" Pricing Feature with Automatic Expiration
Can Be Updated From a Truck Paper File
Can Automatically Update Commercial Truck Trader, For Those Dealers Using It

Work Truck Pros

  Website Solution: Road Warrior Events

Vehicles To Go

Road Warrior Events includes These Unique Events and More:
-- Races -- Cruises/Rides -- Swap Meets -- Shows -- Clubs --

Events System Features:
Events Listed From Today's Date Forward
Search by Start Date, Vehicle Type, Host
Zip Code Distance Search
Each Inventory Will Be Branded With Your Information
Each Inventory Includes Saleable Advertising Space

Road Warrior Events

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